Our Approach

Our Approach

As a small business owner or a non-profit organization, no one knows more about your business than you.
That's why our approach starts with listening to your needs first.
  • Who is your business's primary audience?
  • How do you currently reach them?
  • Who else would you like to reach with your marketing?
  • What opportunities are out there that you just lack the bandwidth to reach?
  • What about your business makes you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it?
And the best part? If you feel like our services did not leave your business enhanced, we promise a 100% return on your investment. No questions asked.

Our Story

Meet Laney

Laney Poye is the inspiration behind Poye Business Innovations. After more than a decade of cultivating her marketing and event management background with small businesses and non-profits, she recognized that there was a critical marketing knowledge gap. Many small businesses lacked the budget for a full marketing and events staff member, but suffered from not having access to quality marketing materials.

Laney believes in a model of service leadership - her goal is to accomplish what your business wants to do at an affordable rate.

Laney also conducts training in public speaking, web communications, staff and volunteer development, and social media best practices for professionals of all levels.

Laney received her Master’s degree in International Affairs from Florida State University. Her studies focused primarily on global issues of women’s health and welfare, with an emphasis on determining sustainable change for women in low-resource settings. She has spent many years volunteering for health causes, youth development programs, and the performing arts (see our "Giving Back" page). She can often be found jetting all over the world, but her home base is Chico, CA, with her wonderful husband Matt, her opinionated cairn terrier Aurora, and her sweet tortie tabby Tsu.

She is a member of MENSA and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Next Steps...

We want to see your business continue to grow. Ready to take that next step?